Portland call to action!

October 2nd, 2012 | Posted by kari in Uncategorized

“Our dreams don’t fit in their ballot boxes”

On November 3rd the Portland Action Lab invites all people to mobilize, march, and take direct action against austerity. Corporations control our governments, hoard wealth, privatize our community resources, and burden us with enormous debt — This is AUSTERITY and we say Enough is Enough!

We resist 1% austerity budgets at all levels, creating massive cuts to education, healthcare, and other social services. Our power is in our neighborhoods, building alternatives, and taking to the streets! Let the wealthy and corporations pay for the crisis they created. No matter who is elected, we are part of building a movement where our communities will make our own decisions and control our own resources. On November 3rd, we vote with our feet!

Solidarity against austerity!

Next meeting ::: Wednesday, October 3rd. 6:30pm – orientation, 7-9pm – meeting. St. Francis dining hall, se 11th and Oak.

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