Offering of Allyship and Collaboration

April 9th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Info

On November 17th and February 29th the Portland Action Lab helped coordinate important days of mass direct action. Groups coordinated actions throughout the city and thousands took to the streets in empowering and strategic actions to challenge an economic system which places place profit over people, self-interest over justice, and domination over equality.

We want to offer ourselves as allies and collaborate on actions being worked on by community groups. We believe that our liberation is bound up in yours as we all operate under the same systems of oppression and privilege. We believe in mutual aid and in the interdependency of our struggles. We want to help empower communities to take action so as to create the world they want. We want to offer our skills, resources and experience to help timely and strategic actions have as huge an impact as possible. In all of this we hope to build a movement that is capable of challenging the unjust system confronting us and through this work bring into being a vision of better world.

We can provide support by offering trainings, connecting you to legal, medic and art groups, providing support for media work, helping with outreach and otherwise assisting with your action. We can collaborate on specific actions or events, but cannot make long-term campaign commitments. We will be meeting to discuss any proposals for collaboration and the level of support we can offer at our next meeting on April 25th. We want to collaborate on one action a month while we build towards our next large mobilization, which we hope you will join us in. Please provide us with information about what you are planning and we will be in touch after our meeting. Even if we cannot directly collaborate with you on your action we are happy to help publicize your action and otherwise connect you to allies in the community. Thank you,

Portland Action Lab

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