Get Involved

Occupy Portland and the Portland Action Lab have called for a national day of direct action on November 3rd, 2012.

We will take action to reclaim our voices and  join cities across the country to say Solidarity Against Austerity! Corporations control our governments, hoard wealth, privatize our community resources, and burden us with enormous debt — This is AUSTERITY and on November 3rd we say Enough is Enough!

This is a call to form “affinity group” action teams, take on support roles, or join in a public march visiting action locations. Portland Action Lab is a “spokescouncil” for communication between and support of affinity group and seeks your participation.

How to engage:

  • Join the march on N3! Details soon to be announced.
  • Form an affinity group! A sit-in with half-a-dozen friends can shut down business as usual for hours, especially if utilizing u-locks or other basic “lock-down” devices. Affinity groups are coordinating through our “spokescouncil” meetings to ensure actions don’t accidentally conflict, can get their action’s message out to media, have legal support, and more.
  • Support the direct actions! There are many ways to help support actions without risking arrest – police and media liaisons, legal observation, march planning, outreach, etc. Teams are forming for all of them, and are a great place to get trained – no experience necessary. Email join@portlandactionlab.org, or check out our FAQ for all support committee contacts.
  • Donate! This coordinated action is running on a painful shoestring budget! Put your money where your values are now! We need your support asap, every bit helps: Funds are desperately needed for legal support, outreach material, sign making supplies, and civil disobedience blockade devices. Do you want to see the corporations shut down? Then please put your money where your visions are and visit portlandactionlab.org/donate today!!
  • Spread the word! Friend us on facebook and invite others, help with flyering, and check out portlandactionlab.org/outreach for more ideas.
  • Endorse. Your organization can also endorse this action. For more information please visit the national website.

This is an amazing opportunity to take bold action with a critical mass of activists willing and ready to confront corporate greed. Seize the moment. Plan to take the day off work. Spread the word. Gather your friends. Plan your action. Be creative. Reclaim our power! 

To get involved contact: join@portlandactionlab.org / (503) 567-6895
Media inquiries: media@portlandactionlab.org
General Questions: info@portlandactionlab.org